Maple Grove is…

  • Solid – We are a Christ-centered, Bible-based fellowship. We place our key emphasis on sound teaching from the Scriptures. This is our backbone.
  • Refreshing – We are prayer dependent. We seek after God. We work to keep all that we do accessible. We want to reach people where they are at. Our goal each Sunday is to bring heaven down. Those not familiar with church are welcomed warmly.
  • Family – Churches are built upon families. We provide the tools to help parents make God the center of their homes. With our AWANA clubs, Children’s Church, and summer V.B.S., we reach kids. We disciple adults to help them grow into useful followers of Christ.
  • Servants – We are here to serve you. Our entire purpose is to meet the needs of our community.

Getting Into It

  • DISCOVER its priceless worth
  • UNDERSTAND difficult passages
  • STUDY correctly for insight
  • TRANSFORM your thinking
  • LIMITLESS maturity
  • EARNEST love for the Savior
  • SPIRITUAL food for your soul
  • STAYING on the planned path

It’s all coming soon in 2018 to an adult BLC near you